Adriana Lima’s Diet and Workout Routine as a Victoria’s Secret Model

Adriana Lima: Secrets to Her Victoria’s Secret Model Physique

Adriana Lima is widely recognized as one of the most famous models in the world, thanks to her incredible work with Victoria’s Secret. However, there is much more to her than meets the eye. Her stunning physical appearance is the result of a rigorous diet and exercise regimen, as well as a commitment to self-care. This post outlines Lima’s formula for success as a model.

Adriana Lima’s Diet Plan

Adriana Lima follows a healthy eating regimen that is supported by plenty of protein, fiber, and nutrient-dense foods. Throughout the year, her diet is centered around lean protein sources such as chicken and fish, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits. Prior to a show, she enhances her diet by eliminating all fried and processed foods and consuming only lean proteins and green vegetables.

Examples of meals and snacks that she eats include quinoa and veggie bowls, fresh salads, and protein smoothies. She avoids sugar and processed foods, and drinks plenty of water to keep her body hydrated.

Adriana Lima’s Exercise Routine

Adriana Lima’s workout regimen is designed to achieve a toned and lean body. She focuses on a combination of strength training and cardio, with a strong emphasis on weight lifting. Her workouts usually include exercises such as lunges, squats, and deadlifts to work her entire body and build lean muscle mass. Additionally, she includes cardio exercises like running and boxing to keep her heart rate elevated and burn calories.

Examples of exercises include jumping rope, boxing, circuit training, and yoga. She works with a personal trainer to ensure her workouts are safe and effective. Results take time, and Lima advises consistency, hard work, and patience to achieve the best results.

Importance of Self-Care in Lima’s Routine

Adriana Lima values self-care as an essential part of maintaining a healthy, fit body. She indulges in meditative practices and aims to get enough rest to keep her body rejuvenated. She usually sleeps between seven to nine hours per night, giving her body ample time to rest and recover.

She also takes care of her skin by moisturizing and using sunscreen, and sometimes indulges in massages or spa treatments to help her body relax and recover after workouts. She firmly believes that taking care of herself both mentally and physically helps to improve her performance.


Adriana Lima’s dedication to a healthy diet and exercise routine, combined with her commitment to self-care, are the secrets to her success as a Victoria’s Secret model. With discipline, patience, and consistency, anyone can achieve their fitness goals and feel their best. Let us know in the comments if you look up to Adriana Lima’s lifestyle!

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